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Jennifer Lombardo DDS and Albert Heffez DDS

When Jennifer Lombardo DDS and Albert Heffez DDS first connected at New York University -School of Dentistry, they knew that they shared a passion for enhancing oral health. What they didn’t know then was how that connection would grow into a marriage, a family, and the thriving dental practice of Windsor Dentistry.

After completing their undergraduate degrees, hers in Biology at SUNY Stonybrook , and his in Psychology at NYU, both doctors completed dental school and moved onto their residencies. Dr. Lombardo served as a resident in General Dentistry at Lutheran Medical Center. At the same time, Dr. Heffez served as Chief Resident in Dental Surgery at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center.
While residency and countless hours of continuing education afforded both doctors the opportunity to develop their clinical skills, they dreamed of a way to help patients more personally, with a focus on preventive care and overall wellness. With those values in mind, Windsor Dentistry began.

Today it’s a family focused practice where people of all ages can get the dental care they need, compassionately and with consideration for their lifestyle and whole-body health. Most patients see both Dr. Lombardo and Dr. Heffez at some point during their years of care, since they each have advanced training in specific areas, making Windsor Dentistry a dental home for patients with varying needs.

Dr. Lombardo focuses on Pediatrics, Preventive Dentistry, Minimally Invasive Restorative Dentistry, Cavity Control, Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign. Dr.Heffez focuses on Implants, Sleep Apnea Therapy, TMJ Therapy, Cosmetic Dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction. Both doctors work together to maintain a friendly, proactive practice focused on building relationships and elevating overall health. 

Since their days at NYU, they’ve grown together to have many other common interests: two daughters, a dog Otis, renovating their neighborhood home. But it’s still the drive to help others on their journey to achieve optimal health that ties them together. One patient, one mouth, one healthy smile at a time, they’ve built a practice that’s one of the best in New York.

Jennifer Pineiro , RDH - Registered Dental Hygienist

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Jen is our Registered Dental Hygienist who will keep your smile bright and healthy with dental cleanings and her professional advice. She will empower you with the knowledge you need to keep your smile radiant by using your appointment time to demonstrate oral hygiene techniques and by equipping you with the proper dental aid to get the job done. Have a question about flossing or what is the best powered toothbrush to use? Jen will provide answers that will allow you to keep your teeth healthy for life.

In 2004, Jen joined our team as a dental assistant and gained 4 years of experience in the dental field. Her dedication to our mission of improving dental health for better overall health lead her to return to school to pursue a degree in dental hygiene.

In 2011, Jen graduated from Northampton College’s Dentall Hygiene Program and

returned to Windsor Dentistry as a dental hygienist. She has over a decade of experience in dentistry

and continues to uphold our values as a practice dedicated to giving our patients individualized attention and support.

When she is not providing care to patients, Jen loves spending time with her daughter, kickboxing, and
running in Prospect Park.

Erica Velazquez – Dental Assistant

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Erica is our Dental Assistant who will make you smile while you’re in the dental chair. She began building patient relationships at Windsor Dentistry in 2007 and is committed to making your experience pleasant and comfortable. Erica assists Dr Heffez and Dr Lombardo in patient treatment and care. She provides
the extra hands and eyes that keep treatments going smoothly. She administers digital x-rays, maintains and sterilizes our instruments, and ensures a clean environment in our treatment rooms. In addition to
her clinical duties, Erica makes custom whitening trays for our cosmetic cases and makes sure the office is stocked with supplies and that our dental equipment is functioning properly.

In her free time, Erica likes spending time with her four brothers, running in Prospect Park, attending
kickboxing classes, and hanging out with her adorable Dachshund – Nathan.

Nelly Heffez- Patient Care Coordinator

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Nelly is our Patient Care Coordinator. She believes in treating every patient with compassion and our patients appreciate her attention to detail and the help she provides with scheduling, insurance benefits, and finances. When you walk into our office, she will be here to greet you and make your check-in process easy and efficient. Whether you need restorative dentistry or a referral to a dental specialist, she can schedule your appointments with us and coordinate with specialty offices. Nelly can help you discover what your dental insurance provides and assist you with receiving the maximum amount of coverage available from your plan. With over 13 years of experience at Windsor Dentistry, she will work with you to determine a payment schedule by providing financial information and discussing practical, payment options.

In her spare time, Nelly enjoys spending time with her eight grandchildren, cooking, knitting, and home
improvement projects.

Shivanie Dhanmattie - Dental Assistant

Cosmetic Dentistry, Windsor, Park slope,

Shivanie is our newest addition to the Windsor Dentistry team. After completing a vigorous internship in private practice, her passion for dentistry and helping others adopt healthy lifestyles was ignited. Always smiling and ready for a challenge, you will find that Shivanie has a lot of compassion for our patients and their treatment. When assisting  Dr Lombardo and Dr Heffez during procedures, she will often go the extra mile to make sure our patients feel right at home. 

Outside of work, Shivanie enjoys the time she spends with her family and learning new recipes in the kitchen.